Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. comprises a team of specialists who are equipped with extensive knowledge of engineering, specifically in the area of environmental principles that encompass a comprehensive range of industrial needs relating to the control of heat and cool air, water, light, and energy. The main business activities of Taikisha consist of planning, design, construction, and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, sanitary, fire protection and utility systems for offices, buildings, factories, and residences. Other services offered by Taikisha include the installation of wastewater treatment and gas distribution systems. Through intensive development and collaboration with the parent company, Taikisha Japan, we have established a cleanroom for manufacturing high-technology equipment in response to the increased demand in the modern society, as well as automatic coating equipment essential to the automobile industry. With our commitment to provide all-inclusive services, we have recently expanded our scope of services to include the design and construction of electrical systems, comprising incoming high-voltage stations, high-voltage switchboards, transformers, generators, and main low-voltage distribution boards to supply electricity to various devices such as machinery, lighting system, telecommunication system, fire alarm and security system, public address system, automatic control system, and building management system.