TAIKISHA LTD. (Parent Company)

Founded on 10th April 1913


Mr.Masashi Osada

Representative Director, President


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for your continued support for Taikisha.

Under our Mission Statement "Customers First," guided by our Corporate Philosophy of "Establish a company which can continuously grow and contribute to the society" and "Establish an attractive company," we are conducting a broad range of business activities globally, based on our environmental technologies related to "Energy, Air, and Water."

We have set a two long-term vision with two pillars, “Contribute to a Sustainable Society through Innovative Engineering of Energy, Air and Water”, and “ Become an Inclusive Global Company by Leveraging Diverse Human Resources and Knowledge” in our mid-term business plan formulated in 2022, and the entire group has worked together to realize the vision. The industrial world will steer dramatically toward decarbonization and the progress of energy conservation, renewable energy, de-energization is expected. We will continue ambitiously pursuing our “Challenge toward Decarbonization“ through our main business of Industrial HVAC, Building HVAC, and Paint Finishing system. We will contribute to the solution of social issues by responding quickly and flexibly to the ever-changing society and by further refining our technological capabilities and the development of human resources that embody such technological capabilities.

We will continue to make the utmost effort to meet the expectations of customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. We appreciate your continuing support and assistance.



Founded on 28th June 1971


Mr.Yasuhiro Sato


6th Floor, Thaniya Bldg., 62 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
June 28, 1971
40,000,000 Thai Baht
  • HVAC System
  • Plumbing sanitary system
  • Fire Protection system
  • Paint Finishing system
  • Vege-factory
  • Process Utility system
  • Electrical system
  • Water and Waste water treatment system
  • Cleanroom & Interior finish work
  • M&E System (Data Center)
  • Civil Work
  • Cad Center
  • TKC Bangplee Factory

The management policy of TAIKISHA (THAILAND) CO., LTD.


          We consistently commit to the efforts of our employees and organizational units that con fulfill its obligations to deliver certain tangible products that are able to meet customer’s requirements and to achieve greater customer satisfaction based on understandings and responses to their requirements with “pure” and fairness, awareness of safety, health and duty to serve society, especially the environmental impact; therefore, the company shall:

1.     Apply properly requirements relating to international standards for working processes, products and comply with applicable laws, rules and other relevant regulations

2.     Commit to meeting customer requirement and enhancing customer satisfaction, preventing and reducing body injuries and occupational ill health in the workplace, promotion safety at work, trying to protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and health risks from processes, through

2.1  response to achieve company objectives and targets in compliance with business strategies

2.2  Continual improvement process in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s business units

2.3  Ensuring that employees are properly explained / trained to correctly understand and to be aware of their responsibility and duty

2.4  Effort to improve employee’s satisfaction and enjoy working

3.     Promote and communicate properly the policy with staff, the related parties and the public