Privacy Policy

1. Our Privacy Statement

Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (the “Company” or “we”) has established and disclose this Privacy approach to explain how we process personal data of our customers, vendors, and other business partners including its corporate entity’s individuals such as its employees, contact persons, and directors since the protection of your personal data is of great importance to us. 

We process your personal data in accordance with the applicable regulation relating to personal data protection, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (“PDPA”). This Privacy Policy explains how we, as the data controller, collect, use and disclose your personal data. In addition, we regularly review and update this Privacy Policy and in case of any significant update to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you as appropriate.


2.  Personal Data to be Collected

Regarding the PDPA, personal data means any information relating to an individual, which enables the identification of such individual, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased persons in particular.

We collect the following personal data for processing to achieve the purposes as herein with the legal basis provided for in the PDPA. In addition, we may process your personal data of a sensitive nature in accordance with special criteria provided for in the PDPA.

We collect your personal data directly from you or your personal data may be collected from other sources, such as the company which you are a director, a representative, an assignee, an employee, and government organizations.

  1. General Personal Data

Name, Surname, Signature, Address, Phone number, Fax number, Email, ID card number, Passport number, Copy of your ID card, Copy of your Passport, Visa information, Date of birth, Gender, Age, Nationality, Photo, Bank account information, Your position, Videos and Images caught on CCTV cameras at our premises, and Your company information, such as Financial report, and Tax ID number

  1. Sensitive Personal Data

Religious belief shown in a copy of your ID card

3.  Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

The Company collects, uses, or discloses your Personal Data for various purposes depending on relationship between you and the Company as follows.

3.1 Customers, including its corporate entity’s individuals such as its employees, contact persons, and directors 

3.2 Vendors, and other business partners including its corporate entity’s individuals such as its employees, contact persons, and directors

4. Legal Basis for Processing of Personal Data

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is as follows:

In the event that the Company processes your personal data relying on a consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by the method separately designated by us at the timing of obtaining your consent. However, your withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of processing conducted based on your consent before its withdrawal. 

We will notify you separately, if the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract, as well as the possible consequences of failure to provide such data. 

5. Retention Period for Personal Data 

We will retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes for obtaining and processing your personal data. Specific criteria used to determine our retention periods are the duration we have an ongoing relationship with you, the compliance with applicable laws, the compliance with legal prescription to exercise the rights to legal claims or defend against the rights to legal claims and the necessity of retaining the personal data for other legal or business reasons. 

Please kindly be ensured that the retention of personal data after the expiry date of retention period will only occur only in the necessary circumstance. When the retention period has ended or the retention of such data is no longer necessary (whichever is applicable), we will destroy or erase such data from our system. 

6. Disclosure of Personal Data

We may share and disclose your personal data to the following third parties in accordance with the PDPA for the purposes stated in this privacy policy. The Company will inform you to acknowledge and request for consent as necessary to comply with the PDPA. 

As a result of the aforementioned sharing and disclosure, in some cases your personal data will be transferred to the recipient company in other countries with an appropriate safeguards by executing with the transferee the standard data protection causes including Binding Corporate Rules or Data Processing Agreement (if any or whichever is appropriate) pursuant to the PDPA, unless the data transferred country has appropriate data protection standard as prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Committee or we obtain your consent pursuant to the PDPA. If you wish to receive a copy of documentation related to these safeguards, please inquire using the contact details at the end of this privacy policy.

7. Your Rights as a Data Subject

You have the following rights regarding personal data obtained and processed by us.

If you intend to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, please inquire using the contact details at the end of this privacy policy. 

8. Data Protection Security Measures

The Company implements appropriate and strict security measures for preventing unauthorized or unlawful loss, access to, use, alteration, correction or disclosure of personal information.

In case where the Company assigns any third party to process your personal information pursuant to the instructions given by or on behalf of the Company, the Company shall appropriately supervise such third party to ensure your personal information protection in accordance with the PDPA.

9. Contact details

For questions or inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at: 

Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Address:               6th Floor, Thaniya Building, 62 Silom Road Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

This Policy applies to the use of our website only. When you link to third party websites via our Website, the personal information protection shall be in accordance with the Privacy Policy of such websites which are not related to the Company.