1.  Mission Statement "Customers First"

      Customers are defined as Overall Society in a broad sense. Spirit of “Customers first” is to win persistent trust
from the customer. To achieve this goal, we have to follow our own conscience and make the utmost efforts
in every doing based on the belief that 
the behavior of individuals or the company will bring benefit and
happiness to one's counterpart.

2. Corporate Philosophy : Management Objectives

     2.1 Establish a company which can continuously grow and contribute to the society:

             2.1.1 We strive to grow continuously by enhancing our added values; thereby, bringing prosperity to our customers
               and business partners as well as to our employees.

  2.1.2 We strive to create rich environment and evolve the industrial society through our engineering expertise that
        meets the needs of the society, in order to achieve our ultimate objective to contribute to the society.

     2.2 Establish an attractive company:

  2.2.1 We aim to be a motivation-oriented company where the employees can demonstrate creativity and vitality through
        their work responsibilities.

  2.2.2 We aim to be a company having the corporate culture in which all employees work in close cooperation to achieve
        the goals of the company, with the spirits of mutual trust, collaboration and rationality.

  2.2.3 Through the expansion of our expertise in “Energy, Air, and Water”, we aim to become a unique company in
        all aspects of corporate management, including engineering, marketing, and human resource development.

3. Management Vision

     Conduct businesses under free and fair competition in compliance with laws and the spirit thereof;contribute
to customer/business partner, shareholder, employee, community/society and global environment with transparency and integrity.