Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has opened the “Vege-factory showroom” in Ayutthaya, Thailand in order to enhance overseas business of Vege-factory. You can actually see and understand what Vege-factory really is when you visit there. In addition to Thailand, we will utilize this facility as the Vege-factory PR base for the entire Southeast Asia.

Outline of Facility

Location:  Ayutthaya, Thailand

Vege-factory facility Area:  Approx. 550 sq. m. (Including Cultivation Area of about 70 sq. m.)

Production Capacity:  Approx. 90 heads per day (Leafy Lettuce)


Plant Factory Brand  “Vege-factory”

Vege-factory offers the high quality and safe products to customers.

[Stable Supply]

Vertical farming realizes the stable supply of the vegetables.

Vegetables are grown in plant factories, so they are no longer affected by season or weather.

[Safe and Secure]

It is possible to produce very safe and secure vegetables due to controlled-indoor environment.

The vegetables produced in Vege-factory are totally pesticide-free vegetables. Additionally, 

there is less risks of contamination because vertical farming could prevent foreign substances, like soil and insects,

from attaching to vegetables. Also, the production processes from seeding to shipping can be traced perfectly.

[Less Waste]

The vegetables made in Vege-factory have extremely less bacteria than the vegetables cultivated in open farming 

so the vegetables could keep their freshness for a very long time. It would rarely dispose the vegetables become rotten.

Therefore, it could contribute to the reduction of operating cost at food services business.

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Vegetable Brand “Puri-na”

Taikisha Ltd. established new brand, “Puri-na”, for vegetables cultivated in Vege-factory,

and will launch the “Puri-na” vegetables soon in Thailand.

Puri-na is already certificated by Q-GAP   
which is a system of Good Agricultural Practice recommended by Department of Agriculture in Thailand (DOA).


For Details of Puri-na

We will release detailed information via Puri-na website and Puri-na Facebook page.

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