Environmental Management System


Scope of Registration: The Design/Development, Manufacturing and Installation of Paint Finishing System

Associate Organization:

Bangplee Factory

445 Bangplee Industrial Estate, Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn, Thailand.

The Manufactoring of Equipments for the following systems:

- Air conditioning and ventilation system

- Plumbing and sanitary system

- Cleanroom system

- Electrical system

- Industrial utilities system

- Paint finishing system

Certifying organization: JQA

Certificate number: JQA-EM6270



Occupational Health & Safety Policy


As the leading mechanical construction company, Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd is committed to provide and maintain a safeand healthy working condition for all employees, subcontractors and site visitor on project sites as most importance for our business by the following approach;

1.    Maintain compliance with all federal and local occupational health & safety law and regulation.

2.    Insist that occupational health & safety at work is the first priority and major responsibility of all employees

     and those under the company control.

3.    Commit to promote occupational health & safety mind include aware of danger at work & out of work among employees

      and those under the company control.

4.    Incident & Accident report is important information for our company.

5.    Regard all workers and employees opinion and suggestion for working condition improvement

      and shall take consideration for those opinions.

6.    Provide adequate resources, information and training to support, promote,

      and ensure that the objectives set by management team are accomplished.

7.    Measure performance of each related business against the objective on a regular basic along with proposals

      for the continuous improvement of the standards achieved.